Microsoft Pulls December Windows Update for Outlook 2010

If you have recently installed Windows Update KB3114409, you may be having some issues. This update has since been pulled by Microsoft, however, it may apply to some users if they downloaded the update before it was pulled.  This update applies to computers that have Outlook 2010 installed on them. After the installation of this update, you may notice that Outlook 2010 is now only starting in safe mode, but don’t panic, there is a fix! Microsoft came up with an update that resolves this issue, which is also mentioned below, labeled as (FIX). Alternatively, you may uninstall KB3114409 manually, check for new updates, and if this update still appears on the list of available updates, you may right-click the update, and choose “Hide Update”. Still not sure, and need assistance?

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Windows Update (PROBLEM): KB3114409

Windows Update (FIX): KB3114560

How often should your website be redesigned?

As a professional in Internet technologies and a leader in website design for over 20 years, people ask me how often they should redesign their website. My answer varies depending upon what industry the person is in, as some industries are more Internet savvy than others. Tech-related companies have to be on the edge of emerging technology and must have a fresh design at least once a year, while other industries may not have the need to have a completely different design that often. In each case, the business has to remember that first impressions are integral to success. What impression does your website or your employer’s website give to a new visitor?

Regardless of industry, a good rule of thumb for redesign is when any of the following situations occur:

• Technology has greatly changed making the display of your site difficult to viewers

• When it no longer accomplishes the intended goals

• External factors result in decreased performance of your website’s rankings

Unfortunately for many organizations, one if not all of the above have happened in 2015. In April, Google announced that having a mobile-friendly website was imperative to achieving and maintaining top rankings. This is due to the importance of mobile devices. It is very possible that your website is not mobile friendly, and you have lost search engine rankings, as well as potential sales. Most small businesses rely on their website as a valuable sales tool. So when orders stopped coming in as they once were, business owners scrambled to find out why.

Content is King (and always will be)

Search Engine Optimization is the strategic process of engineering a web-page to achieve high results in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  There are many factors that search engine algorithms take into consideration when ranking a website.  But let’s go back to the basics.

One of the main SEO factors is your website content; Ensure your content is well written and informative.  Search engines cannot rank your website properly if they don’t know what it’s about.

A website should not only be a sales pitch but it should educate your visitors.  Search engines are continually improving their algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to the searcher.  Be sure each webpage has a unique and descriptive title and the content is relevant.  A good goal is 250 words per web-page.  And don’t try to encompass several different ideas or subjects on the same page, that will decrease your “keyword density”.  We recommend optimizing one key-phrase or search term for each web-page.

Need help writing your website content?  We make it easy!  Mango Bay Internet has a team of professional copywriters that will write your website content.  We will simply schedule a meeting and ask some initial questions about your company, products and services, we’ll record the conversation and then our copywriters will do the rest!

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