How Your Website’s Design Boosts Your Conversion Rates

If your website is underperforming in terms of conversion, take a close look at your website’s design. Factors including the usability and ease of navigation, the extent to which your call-to-action stands out on the page, and the responsive design of your site, can all affect your conversion rates. 1. First, take a look at […]

How an SEO Analysis Could Benefit Your Company

For many companies, the term “search engine optimization” (SEO) is a nagging reminder of the work they need to do to develop a more effective website. Hiring an SEO professional can simplify this process for you, as an expert can deliver an SEO analysis and create a strategy around SEO that will bring your site […]

What is Responsive Design and What Can It Do For Your Website?

Have you ever visited a company’s website on your phone, and found that the graphics were off-center, the text was difficult to read, and the navigation was nearly impossible? What about your tablet? Do some websites simply look jarring on your iPad? Are they simply less functional? Responsive website design eliminates these issues, by producing […]

Content Marketing and the Question of Quantity Versus Quality

Every time a business starts a new blog, creates a new social media profile, or begins to redesign their site, they ask themselves an age-old question. Do I focus on quantity or quality? When it comes to your online presence, you may not need to choose. In fact, we recommend that you incorporate quantity and […]

Are You Using the Right Channels to Distribute Your Content?

Writing great content is a key strategy when you’re looking to attract visitors to your website. But making sure that your content gets to your customers, using the right channels of distribution, is just as important. What’s the use in creating valuable content if you’re not reaching your customers and targeting that content toward them? […]

How Scannable is Your Website?

Unless a reader is sitting down with their Kindle app or a piece of long form journalism, most web visitors are unlikely to spend more than a few minutes on a web page. Many of them scan content, picking out only key words and phrases. Making sure that your content is scannable will ensure that […]

Should Your Company Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

You’ve been sharing, liking, and commenting for years now on Facebook. You’ve seen your favorite brands advertise on social media, and you may even be trying out Twitter and Instagram. You’re social media savvy, and you’re thinking about expanding your company’s presence on social media as well. But even the most competent influencers on Twitter […]

Why Your Company Should Use Google Analytics

Do you want to know more about your customers? Do you wish that you could track visitor activity on your website and see demographic info using easy to read reports? Google Analytics provides a streamlined service that delivers the information you need to direct your web presence toward your target audience. It’s simple to use, […]

A True American Hero: My reflections as an Intern for John Glenn

On a Saturday afternoon in 1993, I watched a movie that forever changed my life.  The 1983 movie called “The Right Stuff” is a historical drama that describes the first 15 years of the American space program.  The seven men who were accomplished pilots became astronauts, pioneers and national heroes.   The man who I found […]

Myths and Facts: Does Your Social Media Presence Really Affect Your SEO?

You, and your competitors, are all making an effort to boost your SEO, but there is quite a bit of conflicting advice out there as to exactly how to energize SEO by using social media. How do you know whether your efforts are making a difference? Simply put, social media efforts can boost SEO, but […]