The items below describe our billing policies. This is in no way to be confused with our terms of service, user’s agreement or contractual obligations that you may specifically be liable for. Please refer to your individual contract for those details. The information below is to be used as simple guidelines for a healthy relationship with us!

End-User Dial-up Accounts
Since most end-users sign up for dial-up service over the phone or on-line and pay via credit card, we bill according to the account anniversary date. Therefore, you can assume that we will debit your credit card once a month for service every 30 days from the initial date that service was established (herein referred to as your BILLING DATE). The normal service appears on your credit card as “Mango Bay Communications, Inc.” The initial charges may include a setup fee.

If you have not signed up with us as part of a promotion, you can cancel your dial-up service by notifying us before your billing date. (This does not in any way absolve you of any contractual obligations that you specifically have entered with us) If you do not cancel your dial-up service via email or phone 24 hours PRIOR to your BILLING DATE, your credit card will be charged the normal monthly, quarterly or annual fee. If you cancel service in the middle of the service period, you will have access to your account for the remainder of the period. Refunds will not be issued for any reason. At that point, you may elect to keep the service active for the time period for which you have paid or cancel as of that date.

If you have signed up at part of a promotion, see the individual promotion’s information page for specific billing details. Again, this policy is in effect for dial-up accounts only. Other services have other policies that will be enforced accordingly. If your credit card is declined, we will attempt to contact you. You have the option of making the payment in person at our location or providing an alternate credit card. Please note that once your card has been declined, we will suspend service and apply a $25 late fee. If your account is not current within thirty (30) days, the account will be closed and we will begin collection attempts. Mango Bay has and will take all account holders that are 60 days over due to the Parma Municipal Court, Small Claims Division, in Parma, Ohio.


We never like to lose a customer. However, to cancel your account, send an email, call, write or visit our office. Our representative will give you a confirming cancellation code via email or fax. If you do send email, do not assume that we have received it! Please call our office to confirm. Also, to better service our customers, please let us know why you chose to cancel.

Corporate Account Holders and Invoiced Customers
Corporate accounts and some individuals commonly elect to be invoiced for our services. We generate invoices on a monthly and quarterly basis. Mango Bay reserves the right to choose the billing cycle. However, we will accept certain requests. Be advised that pricing and discounts are usually combined with contractual agreements. Cancellation of an account that was opened as a result of an offer with reduced pricing may result in the full amount of the contract due upon cancellation. Please refer to your contract. The top of every invoice details the service period, account number, invoice date and payment due date. Payment MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE INDICATED DUE DATE. If payment is not received by the indicated due date, the account will be assessed an automatic $25 late fee, plus 1.5% per month interest of the outstanding balance. There is a $25 fee for insufficient funds/returned checks. Accounts that are over 30 days overdue are subject to immediate suspension and/or termination and collection proceedings. No refunds of any kind will be issued.

NOTE: Invoice billing is on a 30 day in advance billing cycle. Credit card billing is billed actual time for monthly charges only. All payments must be is U.S. dollars by cash/check and prices indicated for all services reflect a cash discount.