Affordable Business Phone Systems for Any Size Business

Streamline costs and increase collaboration with nationwide IP phone and Unified Communications solutions.

With Hosted PBX, make phone calls using the same broadband connection you use for Business Internet service. Select your phone plan, features, and IP phones and let us do the rest. Mango Bay Internet delivers the most advanced PBX capabilities in the cloud and easy online administration, where users can manage their call preferences and service options.

VoIP Phones – available to buy or rent from Mango Bay Internet
Phone Numbers – we’ll help you obtain new numbers or transfer your existing numbers
Broadband Connection – provide your own or purchase from Mango Bay Internet. If you use Mango Bay Internet broadband, we guarantee the voice Quality of Service and Hosted PBX uptime.
Voice-capable Router – we recommend a router with QoS settings that can prioritize voice traffic over data traffic. We can help you select one.
Toll-Free and Vanity Numbers – make it easy for customers you reach you

Featured Phones


Polycom VVX 600

A video-capable, premium business phone with large, color touch screen. Its Bluetooth headset integration, optional camera, and local voice call recording make it ideal.

Polycom VVX 500

A video-capable, high-performance phone with color touch screen. Ideal for busy managers. Supports local call recording and an optional camera for video calling.

Polycom VVX 1500

An all-in-one video phone with color touch-screen interface, built-in camera, and support for HD Voice. Ideal for executives and anyone requiring personal video conferencing.

Polycom VVX 410

A 12-line, high-quality, mid-range business phone. With crystal clear call quality and color screen it is optimal for today’s office workers and call attendants.

Polycom IP 670

A premium 6-line desk phone with large, backlit color display. Optional expansion modules scale to 34 lines. Well-suited for executives, or other heavy users.

Cisco SPA525G

A 5-line desk phone with large, backlit color display, HD voice, and Bluetooth headset integration. Ideal for executive use or where WiFi connectivity is desired.

Polycom VVX 300

A 6-line IP phone with intuitive user interface. Requires minimal training. An entry-level business phone.

Polycom IP 560

A 4-line IP phone with large, high-resolution, backlit display. Ideal for office workers or any user requiring Gigabit LAN connectivity.

Polycom IP 550

A 4-line IP phone with large, high-resolution, backlit display. This phone is ideal for users both in the office and working remotely.

Polycom IP 335

A good phone choice for light use of services where cost is most important. Appropriate for users of basic calling service, small conference rooms, lobbies, and more.

Cisco SPA303G

A low cost IP phone for home, small offices, or lobby environments where full-featured phones are not required.

Panasonic KX-TGP500

An 8-line cordless IP phone, ideal for users who frequently move about their location. Base station supports up to six handsets and three simultaneous calls.

Polycom IP 7000

The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 is an advanced conference phone that delivers outstanding HD Voice performance well-suited for executive offices, conference and boardrooms.

Polycom IP 6000

A conference phone delivers clear communications for small-midsize conference rooms. Expect advanced features, broad SIP interoperability, and remarkable voice quality.

Cisco SPA122 ATA

This Analog Telephone Adapter is easy to install and use. It connects all of your analog phones and fax machines to Mango Bay Internet Voice services. Contact us for more information.