Microsoft Pulls December Windows Update for Outlook 2010

If you have recently installed Windows Update KB3114409, you may be having some issues. This update has since been pulled by Microsoft, however, it may apply to some users if they downloaded the update before it was pulled.  This update applies to computers that have Outlook 2010 installed on them. After the installation of this update, you may notice that Outlook 2010 is now only starting in safe mode, but don’t panic, there is a fix! Microsoft came up with an update that resolves this issue, which is also mentioned below, labeled as (FIX). Alternatively, you may uninstall KB3114409 manually, check for new updates, and if this update still appears on the list of available updates, you may right-click the update, and choose “Hide Update”. Still not sure, and need assistance?

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Windows Update (PROBLEM): KB3114409

Windows Update (FIX): KB3114560