Cleveland Website Design

We stand by our process.

Mango Bay has devised a 15-step website design process that allows us to address all of your concerns, from your initial consultation to your final measuring of results. This process ensures that we listen to your needs, learn about your business, deliver what your company needs, and circle back to survey the impact of your new website. After your initial meeting, your project manager, who is your single point of contact, will put together a plan of action, collaborate with a graphic artist to work on the website design, meet and discuss the design in a collaborative way until the design is approved, and begin production. We’ll implement content and put the site through Quality Assurance. Finally, we’ll present, finalize, and launch your website. Our systematic approach ensures that no ideas fall through the cracks, that everything from website design to content to technology is working together seamlessly, and that you feel confident enough in our team’s expertise to tend to your business as usual.

That’s just the beginning.

During the initial process, we identified the best strategy to effectively design and market your website.  With this strategy, we constructed, populated and coded your website to achieve maximum online marketing results.  Now we excel by implementing our proven strategies to bring you more leads!  Your website will start to climb in the rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.   Your products and services will be promoted on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. You will have an increase in targeted website traffic that will produce more calls, form submissions and inquires.   Your dedicated Internet Marketing specialist will collaborate with you to review search engine ranking reports and analytics to build upon this foundation.  This process and your relationship with us will result in increased sales, revenue and brand awareness.  You and your staff will be happier, wealthier and enjoy life!

We’re cutting-edge.

But our service goes beyond our tried and true system. We’re also on the front lines of innovative technology. We utilize Microsoft .NET, SQL, MYSQL, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Aspdotnetstorefront, “Hand Scripted” HTML5, CSS, and Responsive Design. Each of these allows us to ensure that your website stands apart from the crowd.

We’ve also invested in a talented staff that puts their expertise to good use. From our graphic artist with a five year degree from the Cleveland Institite of Art to our Professional Search Engine Marketer, we have made sure to employ the best in order to bring you the best.

And what will always remain cutting edge is our vision for your website. Our staff envisions a future in which every website provides a seamless user experience, beautiful graphics, compelling language, and the best in mobile technology. Our goal is to see our clients’ online presences at the forefront of those developments.