Mango Bay Internet maintains our own email servers powered my IceWarp 10.0. IceWarp is used by many Fortune 500 companies worldwide and has won many awards. Mango Bay Internet continually upgrades to the latest technology and our mail system is no exception.

As a Mango Bay Internet customer, you can take advantage of the following features:

Connected to the Backbone of the Internet

Our Mail Servers live at our Network Operations Center in Cleveland, Ohio. This center offers redundant connections to a major hub of the backbone of the Internet in the United States. Your email will be sent and received quickly and efficiently.

Excellent Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filtering
Email is scanned multiple times before it is delivered to your inbox using multiple vendors and devices. Our firewall scans each packet for malware and viruses before they reach our mail server.

From there, our mail server has its own Anti-Virus scanning software and various Anti-Spam filtering mechanisms are in place. The AntiVirus Protection is based on the award-winning AVAST engine, and provides powerful multi-threaded processing. Our mail server, and is one of the most powerful platforms on the market, capable of scanning over 4,000 messages per second.

Users can Whitelist/Blacklist email senders and spam is automatically placed in the spam folder. Our mail server checks RBLs (Real-Time Block Lists) and DNSBL (DNS Blacklists). It also uses Spamassasain and Bayesian filtering which analyzes contents of emails and filters unwanted, unsolicited email.

All messages identified as spam are automatically stored in the Spam folder, accessible through the WebClient, Outlook ® and other IMAP-compatible clients. Users also have the option to manage these lists via the automated Spam Reports

All of our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus systems and databases are updated in real-time. As a Mango Bay Internet customer, there is a very good chance that your email will be legitimate and virus-free!

Antispam Management

Our email server’s AntiSpam is fully integrated, offering a significant advantage over hardware appliances. Using the WebClient, individual users can manage their personal antispam solution, while settings remain stored on the central server. Messages marked as Spam are stored in the Spam folder, and users can Blacklist and Whitelist senders.

POP3, IMAP and Webmail all secure via HTTPS!

Mango Bay Internet’s Email Server supports SMTP, POP & IMAP standards and works with all known email clients and servers on the market. By default, all services utilize SSL/TLS encryption, supporting deployments of every kind, from small business single-server installations to multi-server load-balanced platforms that serve tens of thousands of users.
Our system is compatible with almost all mail clients including but not limited to Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Entourage, Mac OS X Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera and more!

Two Incredible Web-based and 1 Mobile email interfaces
Using AJAX-drive Web 2.0 technology users have the ability of using a full browser-based WebClient.

Users can check e-mails from various programs such as Outlook Express, MS Outlook, or free program such as ThunderBird because our Mail Server supports the both POP3/IMAP and Web Based Mail of IceWarp.

Web Based Mail of IceWarp has been created nicely and friendly for users with various languages, instant picture display, and Rich Text menu. Users can easily use the Web Based Mail of IceWarp.

Basic and PDA Interface
WebClient includes special interfaces for mobile devices and other low bandwidth clients. Three options are available to users, including a full AJAX interface, a basic non-Java interface that provides access to Email, Contacts and Calendars, and a fast PDA/iPhone interface.

Did we say PDA?
Yes! Our mail server has a really cool skin for your iPhone and/or PDA. You can check your emails directly via your mobile device that has Internet access. Check your calendar and respond to emails instantly!

To access our mail server via your PDA or iPhone go to https://mail.mangobay.com/webmail/pda/

Desktop-like Usability
Using AJAX-drive Web 2.0 technology, Mango Bay Internet’s WebClient delivers a desktop-like user experience. The same behavior that users expect from desktop clients is also available in our WebClient, including Drag & Drop, Right-Click menus for all objects, and audio notification of email, IM and phone calls.

Compose, Read and Organize Your Emails
The WebClient interface for composing and reading email is user friendly, containing common desktop-like features, including auto-suggestion, full text search, HTML message composition, and automatic spell checker. A virtual tray gives end users the ability to simultaneously compose a message while handling multiple email messages and calendars.

Allow users to set Whitelist/Blacklist and add regular Contacts
To increase more efficiency of Anti-Spam system, we allow our users to specify Whitelist (safe and secure contact or domain name) and Blacklist (spam and harmful contact or domain name) for more security.

After added or deleted Whitelist/Blacklist, Anti-Spam system will remember contacts and domain name in Blacklist as SPAM.

Moreover, it provides Auto-Add Contacts system which automatically adds regular contacts in the Contact List. Users only type the first letter or nickname of the contact. After that the system will show Contact list for you to select the recipient.

Provides Calendar and Tasks Menu
Besides checking e-mails and other communications, to cover all functions, our Mail Server provides features such as Contact List (including name, e-mail address, and telephone number), Calendar, and Tasks to memorize and remind you of works, meeting, and other schedules.

You can easily check Tasks by Logging In your account through web mail. Moreover, you can set the Alert System to notify on the specified date and time.

Manage Forward, Auto-Response e-mails and set Rules directly through web mail

Account Management
Each user can easily manage their own account settings on the server, including the Autoresponder, email forwarding, and signatures. They can also create and manage their personal server-side email sorting rules and manage personal certificates.

E-mail Archiving
Automatic IMAP integration makes certain that you remain compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX) by archiving all incoming & outgoing email messages in isolated non-production storage. Messages are saved as files in a tree folder structure, making restoration a simple matter of dragging the appropriate files back to each user’s IMAP folder. Users can access the archive via any email client – but cannot change stored data.

For users who currently use MS Outlook program to check e-mails, you can download the additional program called Outlook Connector and install in your PC at

This program will help you in synchronizing data such as Contacts, File, Folder, Calendar, Tasks, and Schedule between your PC and mail server.

Your data and information in PC will be updated to be the same as the mail server.

Full Outlook Support
The innovative architecture of the Outlook Connector Version 10 takes advantage of Microsoft’s ® MAPI storage provider interface. Outlook 2003, 2007and upcoming 2010 compatibility ensures nearly 100% support of all Outlook ® features, including Appointments, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Distribution Lists, Public and Shared folders, Scheduling, FreeBusy, Voting and Grouping.