When it comes to website hosting, your business or organization should think twice before selecting a provider.  All too often un-savvy users select low-budget hosts thinking that they will save hundreds of dollars a year by doing so.

Latency Matters – Think about it!  Is your business willing to risk downtime, aggravation and a do-it-yourself approach just to save a few hundred dollars?  Or would you prefer a concierge-like approach by a company that will provide you top-level service, assist you in every way possible and never take you for granted?

If service is important to you, look no further.

Mango Bay Internet provides a secure, production ready website hosting environment at our offices in Cleveland Ohio. Choose from either Windows 2012 Server or Linux. We are connected to the Internet via Fiber Optics and use top quality networking equipment from Juniper and Dell. Our technicians, some of which have been employees since 2001, will answer the phone and are available via chat to answer all of your questions.

When your website is hosted with Mango Bay Internet, you can be guaranteed that your current and potential customers will have fast access to your website when they want it. Redundant power and cooling will ensure your site is up and running 24/7/365.  Our data center is typically not susceptible to earth quakes, flooding or hurricanes and had 0% downtime during events such as the blackout of 2003 or Hurricane Sandy which was a rare occurrence.

Give us a call today to move your site and leave the work to us.  We will be happy to personally coordinate the domain name transfer and ensure content and functionality is retained.  Whether it is a site designed in .Net, PHP or based on WordPress, we can host it for you and ensure a smooth transition.

If you are just starting your business, afford us the opportunity to quote you an entire small business package including logo design, a mobile-friendly website, website hosting, business cards, brochures, vehicle wraps and more!