Why Create a Personalized Experience on Your Website?

The experience that most web visitors have in 2017 is vastly different from the one they had ten, five, or even two years ago. Most people browsing the internet are accustomed to a personalized experience that is tailored to their particular interests, their search history, or their demographics. Whether they realize it or not, visitors to your website are used to seeing content that speaks to their specific needs or addresses their concerns. Personalizing the experience of each visitor to your site is an important way to keep up with peoples’ subconscious expectations of what the internet has to offer, and it ca reap real results.

How You’ll Benefit From Personalizing Your Visitors’ Experience:

Conversation rates will increase. When you personalize your users’ experience on your site, you’ll be able to target the audience that’s right for your products and services and attract prospective customers who are truly in the market for what you have to offer. Data bears this up, as 74% of marketers say that their customer engagement has seen a boost as a result of personalization.

Revenue will receive a boost. When you target the visitors who have a real interest in your products and services, and turn those visitors into actual leads, you’ll see an increase in sales. Again, evidence backs up this assertation, as marketers have seen an increase averaging at a 20% increase in sales after using targeted personalization.

User retention increases. A targeted, personalized experience will yield more return visits to your website, and will increase the chances that your customer base becomes more loyal and may even share your content or recommend your business to others.

Speak with your web design firm today about how to personalize your website, targeting the right customers and turning visitors into leads, leads into sales, and sales into repeat business and a reputation boost. An experienced web designer will be able to discuss dynamic content, email follow-up, and tracking users’ journeys across your site in an effort to tailor the visitor experience.


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