Inbound Marketing 101: Establishing your buyer personas

As you begin to construct an inbound marketing strategy, you’ll want to keep your audience in mind and generate a number of buyer personas to allow you to envision your target customers as you produce valuable content for them.

Buyer personas are fictional representations of the real-life customers you are targeting. For instance, if you work in staffing or recruiting, you may be interested in reaching out to job-seekers and companies who are hiring. Visualizing these ideal members of your target audience will help you to envision their needs, their values, and even their preferred way of viewing and using content, and will ultimately aid you in building content, messaging, and even products and services, that appeal to those personas.

How can you build a variety of buyer personas to envision as you write blog posts, post social media updates, and create content offers? First, envision a few broad categories of users. In the case of a staffing firm, these broad categories may be job-seekers and companies who are looking to hire. Now, break these groups down further. Under the category of job-seekers, you might envision recent college graduates, people making a career change, or employed professionals with expertise that makes them in-demand. Under the category of hiring companies, you might have growing start-ups, large companies who may be looking for a different staffing firm, and companies which use many temporary and contract employees.
Now that you have six well-defined buyer personas, think about what defines them. Where do they live? What are their interests? What is their education level? Are their certain websites or social media platforms they use more frequently than others? What would their reason be for clicking on your blog post? Why would they be interested in the products and services you have to offer?
Once you’ve answered these questions, build a short bio for each buyer persona. At that point, you’re ready to start crafting content that will specifically target users by appealing to them as human beings. When you write a blog post, envision the buyer personas who might be interested in that particular post, and write it with them in mind. You’ll find that your content becomes more personalized and tailored, and that your communications with your potential customers become more effective.


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