Internet Access

Since 1997, Mango Bay Internet has been doing what we do best; providing access to the Internet.  Other providers have come and gone over time.  Some have consolidated. Others have gone out of business as the larger telephone and cable companies have taken over.  However, we saw this challenge as a perfect opportunity to continue to grow as an independent Internet Service Provider.

So with all of the big boys bundling everything from internet , tv, voice, data, landlines, and the kitchen sink, why would you want Mango Bay Internet as your provider?

Relationships Matter.

First, we recognize that every business is different.  Your needs are not necessarily the needs of your neighbors, and their needs might be similar or totally different than just a few years ago.  So we first analyze what type of service will help you most.  We don’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.  We are in this for the long run.  Did we mention that we have been doing this since 1997? We love business relationships, not transactions.  So assessing your needs is the first step to successful relationship.

We then give you all of the options that are available to you and allow you to make an informed decision.  Many different factors may affect your decision.  Cost is usually a consideration, but not always a determining factor.  Speed, type of connection, bandwidth, purpose, redundancy, location, opportunity for growth, mobility and feeling comfortable with your provider are all very important in the decision making process.

At Mango Bay Internet, we have many different options for you to choose from and we will help you make the right decision.  Think of us as a full-service Internet broker.  We do all the research for you and then give you the best options available. We offer the following types of connections either directly to our network or by our partnerships with other providers as being a value-added reseller:

  • Optical Fiber Internet
  • Ethernet Connect (Copper over Ethernet)
  • Traditional T1 lines
  • 56K dialup. (yes, we still offer dial-up to areas that cannot get much else) Shout-out to all of our dial-up customers in Eufala, OK and Michiana, Indiana!

Service is the key to success.

Regardless of the type of Internet connection you choose from us, you will know that you have a team of individuals who will provide excellent service and support.  We will ensure your installation happens in a timely fashion and either work with your IT staff to ensure that our ducks are in a row or provide those services directly to you if you need them.  We can provide many other services as well.

The Phone Company Doesn’t Care About Your Network!

They take your order, call you and tell you that the circuit is up and leave you to figure out the details. Really?  Is that how the relationship with your Internet Service Provider should work?  Our approach is just the opposite.  We hold your hand every step of the way.  Mango Bay Internet will work with you to ensure that the installation is smooth, that all your questions have been answered and that the service is performing the way it should.  We want more of your business, not less!  Why would we conduct ourselves in any other manner?

Real Humans Answer Our Phones

When you call Mango Bay Internet for service, rest assured your call will be answered by a real person.  Usually, on the first or second ring.  Go ahead, try it out!  Call 216.335.9255 and see what you get!  Your call will be answered by one of our knowledgeable technicians who know how this all works and can help you with whatever problem you have (marriage counseling excluded). We are available to answer your call even after business hours and offer a 1 hour response time.

Only the Beginning

So by now you understand that we are a boutique shop that will cater to your needs.  That is just the beginning of how a business relationship should work.  The next thing you know we will be making recommendations about technology, showing you how cool stuff works, designing your new website and helping your business grow.  All while having a great time doing it.  Sound like fun?  Give us an opportunity and you will not be disappointed.