Keep your business connected and your employees productive with Mango Bay Internet broadband services designed specifically with your business in mind. We provide the performance, reliability, extra features, and industry-leading service level agreements that fit your business needs today and tomorrow.

BUSINESS-CLASS DSL SERVICE. Get everyone online and in touch with a high-speed line dedicated to Internet access that isn’t shared with your phone line. With Mango Bay Internet Business DSL, your business gets fast Internet access for quick downloads of email and large files. What’s more, Mango Bay Internet’s Business DSL delivers up to 18 times the download speed of many residential services on the market today.*

CONNECT THE WHOLE OFFICE. Mango Bay Internet Business DSL is designed specifically for small businesses, branch offices, and remote workers, with the option of using a wireless router that can support wireless computers in the office.

FIXED IP ADDRESS. mango Bay Internet includes a fixed IP address (a unique permanent address on the Internet) at no charge so you can host your own website or email server and run a virtual private network (VPN), allowing you to extend your local area network. Up to five additional IP addresses can be purchased as your business needs evolve.

EMAIL AND WEB HOSTING OPTIONS. Mango Bay Internet Business DSL comes with 15 email accounts and at the mangobay.com domain and includes extras like anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. Mango Bay Internet also offers email and Web hosting services with custom domain name service (www.yourcompany.com) for an additional fee.

PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED. A Mango Bay Internet technician comes directly to your office to install your equipment and service. You don’t worry about a thing.

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT. Once your service is operational, Mango Bay Internet stands behind it with 24x7x365 expert support and a business-class service level agreement (SLA) that includes 24-hour target time-to-repair response.


Designed for Business—Ideal broadband solution for small and medium-sized businesses that download large emails, share large files, or have heavy internet use

• Top Performance—Dedicated DSL line with multiple upload/download options to fit your needs and budget

• Always On—Mango Bay Internet Business DSL provides the convenience of Internet access all the time, backed by service level agreements (SLAs)

• Reliable—24-hour target time-to-repair SLA, with invoice credits available for missed targets, along with 24x7x365 expert support

• Satisfaction Guaranteed—Satisfaction Guaranteed—30-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee


CONNECTION. Dedicated Asymmetrical DSL (ADSL) connection to Mango Bay Internet’s network.


Business DSL Next Generation Business DSL
15.0 Mbps downstream/1.0 Mbps upstream
6.0 Mbps downstream/768 Kbps upstream
10.0 Mbps downstream/1.0 Mbps upstream
3.0 Mbps downstream/768 Kbps upstream
8.0 Mbps downstream/1.0 Mbps upstream
1.5 Mbps downstream/384 Kbps upstream

EMAIL. Includes 15 POP3 email accounts and free webmail at the mangobay.com domain. Email with your own domain name (yourname@yourcompany.com) is available for an additional fee.

IP CONFIGURATION. Network address translation (NAT) with one external IP address and 254 usable private IP addresses; five static IP addresses available for an additional fee.

Choose one of these options—all equipment comes with a one-year warranty:

Business-class router—connects up to four computers directly. Add your own Ethernet switch and connect even more stations. Supports multiple computers using a single IP address (NAT), plus it has a built-in firewall.
Wireless gateway—same features as the standard router plus it supports up to 30 wireless computers. You can also order it with a PCMCIA network adapter card to connect one PC laptop computer wirelessly.
Bridge—single-user solution (supports a single IP address).

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT. Twenty-four-hour target time-to-repair service level agreement, with invoice service credits available for missed targets.

INSTALLATION** Mango Bay Internet professionally installs and sets up your Business DSL service.

SUPPORT. Live, specialized, dedicated support.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Try Mango Bay Internet Business DSL for 30 days. If you are not fully satisfied with the service, you can disconnect within 30 days of installation for a full refund.***

DEDICATED TO YOUR BUSINESS. Mango Bay Internet’s broadband services are specifically designed to meet the critical requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Mango Bay Internet offers high-speed Internet connectivity, managed security, and Web and email hosting. Visit our web site at www.mangobay.com for more details.

To learn what Mango Bay Internet can do for your business, call us today at 1-888-35MANGO.