Fast. Dedicated. Reliable. 

T1 lines have been around for a long time. About as long as we have.  Yes, there are better solutions available for most people.  However, for some businesses, the T1 has been the workhorse for many years. Not to mention that it is rock-solid.  You are not going to hear your VOIP calls get all distorted or have tons of static.

So keep your business connected and your employees productive with Mango Bay Internet T1 services, designed specifically with your business in mind. We provide the performance, reliability, extra features, and industry-leading service level agreements that fit your business needs today and tomorrow.

Mango Bay Internet Business T1 service is designed specifically for businesses with branch offices, and business-critical applications.  Mango Bay Internet T1 broadband service is available throughout the United States.

T1 broadband is the preferred choice for businesses with mission-critical Internet service requirements. And for businesses on the fast track, Mango Bay Internet bonds multiple T1 lines into one seamless, high-performance connection, making it ideal for companies that:

Use bandwidth-intensive applications
Transmit large volumes of data, images, or video
Run their own web, email, database, or application servers
Push the limits of their existing multi-megabit Internet access service

FIXED IP ADDRESSES. Mango Bay Internet includes either one fixed public IP address with network address translation (NAT) or five fixed public IPs. Businesses often use fixed public IP addresses for running websites, email servers, or virtual private networks (VPNs). Additional IP addresses can be purchased as your business needs evolve.

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT. Mango Bay Internet stands behind your Business T1 service with 24x7x365 priority support, a toll-free hotline, and an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA) that includes 4-hour time-to-repair, 99.99% monthly service availability, installation timeframe, and data delivery targets.

PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED and SUPPORTED. A trained professional will install your T1 service. You don’t have to worry about a thing. If a problem arises, we will take care of it. We even dispatch repair technicians after hours, on weekends, and on federal holidays to keep your business operating.


Designed for Business—Ideal broadband solution for businesses that demand the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Top Performance—Available in six symmetrical speed options to fit your business and Internet requirements.

Reliable—T1 traffic gets priority on our network, and service availability is backed by Mango Bay Internet service level agreements (SLAs)

T1 Hotline—Toll-free dedicated support hotline

Mango Bay Internet Business T1 Technical Specifications:

CONNECTION. A T1 connection, provisioned with an industry-standard DS1 loop(s).

SPEED Six symmetrical speed options: 6.0 M, 4.5 M, and 3.0 M (Bonded T1); 1.5M (Full T1); 768 Kbps and 384 Kbps (Fractional T1)

IP CONFIGURATION. Choose either network address translation (NAT) with one fixed public IP address and 253 usable private IP addresses, or five fixed public IP addresses; more IP addresses available for an additional fee.

Mango Bay Internet-Supplied Equipment* Choose a Mango Bay Internet-provided business-class router with a one-year warranty. Or use your own equipment if it meets Mango Bay Internet’s requirements.


The following service level targets are financially backed by available invoice service credits:

99.99% monthly service level availability
4-hour time-to-repair
99.9% data delivery; network delay of 110 ms
Installation within 30 calendar days for Business T1 up to 3.0 Mbps
Installation within 45 calendar days for Business T1 4.5 and 6.0 Mbps

Installation* Mango Bay Internet professionally installs and sets up your Business T1 service.

Live, specialized, dedicated support 24x7x365, including priority T1 hotline. A dedicated T1 field support team will respond after hours, on weekends, and on federal holidays in the event of an outage.

Service is not available in all areas and is provided subject to Mango Bay Internet’s standard terms, conditions and policies. Service term required, with termination fee for early disconnection.

To learn what Mango Bay Internet can do for your business, please fill out the form or call us at 1-888-35Mango.