Why Managed IT Services?

Small and medium sized businesses in Cleveland are often faced with IT challenges and few solutions. The pay-as-you-go model for PC and network support offers no stability in budgeting, reliability or response times. Maintenance agreements for discounted “blocks of time” may save your company a few dollars but often lead to long commitments with few benefits.

Neither model offers proactive service. Small businesses often struggle to find a dependable, affordable company to troubleshoot, support and maintain their personal computers and business network.

When your network goes down, who do you call?

  • How fast do they respond?
  • When you are having problems with your PC, who can you turn to for advice?
  • Are they reliable?
  • There is a solution. Managed IT Services from Mango Bay Internet.

With Managed IT Services, customers will receive the following benefits:

  • Maintenance and proactive monitoring of networks, servers and computers
  • Ability to budget IT expenses, avoiding bills due to unexpected emergency technical support needs.
  • Access to high-end technicians and engineers – based in the U.S.
  • Use of remote access to monitor and fix problems saving time and money.
  • Access to consultants that will advise you how to use technology to maximize results.
  • Peace of mind that your network is being maintained, allowing you to focus on your business.

Unlimited Technical Support

Customers with a Managed IT Services agreement from Mango Bay Internet also receive the extra benefit of unlimited remote, phone and on-site support during normal business hours at no additional charge.

As a Managed IT Services customer, Mango Bay Internet will provide support for the following:

  • Network servers
  • Desktop and Laptop computers
  • Network equipment (routers, firewalls, switches)
  • Printers
  • Line of Business software (optional)

Monitoring Services

With the use of remote monitoring software, we can access your servers, firewalls and individual computer systems to check for any number of items. Including software integrity, hardware performance and disk usage. This allows us to predict crashes, intrusions or any other critical issues that could affect your productivity and revenue.

In addition, we make sure that Microsoft Windows ® updates are performed, disk space tracked, back-ups tracked for completion and anti-virus software is monitored to ensure it is updating successfully. Automated file maintenance with our tools are performed at scheduled intervals.

Mango Bay Internet features a number of monitoring products that allow us to provide the latest in support technology. As a Managed IT Services customer, you will always be able to view the status of your system with access to a personalized dashboard that can be viewed from a web browser

Better Price

Based upon how many devices, networks and servers you have, your costs will be the same every month. Your company will no longer receive large, unexpected invoices from consultants that charge by the hour nor will you have to hire a full-time IT manager.

Better Results

Customers who have chosen to take the proactive approach that Managed IT Services provides have saved a considerable amount of money. Overall system downtime is reduced, allowing customers to spend more time on their business, not their computers.

It has proven to be an excellent choice for customers who do not have a full-time IT person. Managed IT Services from Mango Bay Internet will save you both on salary and benefits, as well as turnover, training, vacations, illnesses and other issues associated with maintaining an IT department.

With technical support available during normal business hours, customers are able to reach Mango Bay Internet either via phone, e-mail or using LiveChat on our web site at www.mangobay.com.

With the ability to view systems remotely, technical issues can be resolved in a short amount of time at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT technician.

All Mango Bay Internet Managed IT Services customers receive responses that follow our support guidelines. Based upon severity, your problem will receive the attention it deserves according to the terms agreed upon.

On-Site Resources

While many technical support issues can be resolved over the phone, some require an on-site visit. During normal business hours, we will be able to serve your needs in-person should they be required. From a routine PC cleaning to physically resetting your server, the ability to make an on-site visit gives our customers the peace of mind that is achieved by entrusting their IT needs to Mango Bay Internet.