We’re established.

In 1997, founder and current CEO Alan P. Jacubenta, known to our clients as AJ, spotted a need for Independent Internet Service Providers in the Northeast Ohio area. He built Mango Bay Internet as an ISP along with his sister, Dona Wengatz, in the top level of a house in Parma, Ohio.

That was 22 years ago. It is rare to find an internet company with nearly two decades building an established presence in the market, with such a reputation for expertise and reliability. Mango Bay Internet has steadily grown as a leader in its field, evolving just as quickly as customer needs, and the capacity of the Internet, have grown as well.

Mango Bay Internet outgrew its humble roots and moved into its current location in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio in 1999. Along with this change, came other innovations as well. The company added web hosting and web design to its range of services, and has become a one-stop shop for many of its clients who look for ISP, hosting, and design all in one.

Mango Bay’s family-oriented atmosphere is an important part of its company culture. AJ’s mother, Pauline Jacubenta, wife, Leesa Jacubenta, sister, Chris Wilson, uncle, Rudolph Girman, cousin, Bob Hronek, and nephew Jeremy Wilson have worked at the company in various capacities, while AJ remains at the helm and Leesa oversees accounting operations. Its staff feels a lot like family as well. Mango Bay Internet is proud of its low turnover with most several employees having worked at the company for since 2001. And Mango Bay’s commitment to family, hard work, and integrity extends to its clients, who enjoy the benefits of an established, reputable, and family-oriented business.

We’re breaking new ground everyday.

But it’s possible to be two great things at once. Mango Bay Internet is an established and family-oriented firm, but it’s also evolving as a creative force. After starting out providing ISP service using dial-up, the company now offers DSL, wireless, cable, and fiber. The business has rolled design, marketing, and IT services into the offerings it provides to clients. Mango Bay Internet is on the cutting-edge of web design, marketing, creative content, and technological advances, and is growing in size continuously, expecting to grow 30% in terms of sales and number of employees. This growth will ensure that Mango Bay Internet can continue to improve services, innovate, and tackle any project that comes its way.

Notable Achievements

  • June, 2001 – One of the first Internet Service Providers in the State of Ohio to deliver ADSL service by SBC in the 216 and 440 lata.
  • August, 2001 – Mango Bay Internet deploys fixed wireless units to provide broadband to local customers that were affected by defunct DSL providers Rhythms and Northpoint.
  • April, 2002 – Mango Bay Internet deploys fixed wireless equipment on a 300 ft. radio tower to deliver broadband wireless Internet access to a 7 mile radius of Brooklyn Heights, Ohio.
  • August 2003 – Mango Bay Internet is well-prepared for the “blackout of 2003” and remains on-line, servicing customers throughout the United States and later gains customers as a result.
  • March, 2005 – Dial-up service is expanded and offered in all 50 states, U.S. Virgin Islands and parts of Canada.
  • June , 2005 – President and CEO, Alan Jacubenta, “AJ” was selected by Crains Cleveland Business -On The Web to be listed in the site’s “Who’s Who in Web Technology.”
  • May, 2006 – SDSL services offered nation-wide.
  • April, 2007 – Alan P. Jacubenta, “AJ” speaks on several topics at ISPCON in Orlando, Florida.
  • August, 2007 – 10 year anniversary celebration at offices highlighted by the Microsoft Across America Truck and the 500th completed web site.
  • March, 2008- Mango Bay Internet begins offering Managed Network Services to customers.
  • June, 2008 – President Alan P. Jacubenta, “AJ” speaks at ISPCON in Chicago on the benefits of Managed Services.
  • August 15, 2008 -The design team of Mango Bay Internet wins a logo competition held by the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance based in Charleston, South Carolina. The non-profit organization, formerly known as the Yul Brynner Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, selected Mango Bay’s logo design from a number of entries.
  • January, 2009 – Smart Business Online reporter Mark Scott writes an unsolicited, featured article about web site design and features Mango Bay Internet.
  • March, 2009 – Conversion from gas/diesel to natural gas power backup is completed.
  • November, 2009 – ADSL services to businesses and residences are offered nation-wide.
  • December, 2009 – Mango Bay Internet is nominated for the Innovation Through Technology Award by the Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • April, 2010 – After completing a website for the Student Financial Services department of Emory University in Atlanta, GA, Mango Bay Internet researches, proposes and implements a web-based application that streamlines the student ID photo upload process.
  • May 2011 – The main backbone to the Internet is replaced with a fiber optic connection via redundant carriers.
  • January 2012 – 15 year anniversary of providing excellent service and support.
  • October 22-31 2012 – Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast of the United States.  Although, the Northeast Ohio area suffers wide spread power outages, Mango Bay Internet experiences 0% downtime due to lessons learned from the blackout of 2003.
  • June 2013 – Responsive design becomes a standard practice for our customers.
  • April 2014 – MyPhoto, LLC is created a wholly owned subsidiary of Mango Bay Internet offering a streamlined photo upload application for incoming freshman of colleges, universities and other institutions.
  • May 2014 – President and CEO, Alan Jacubenta, “AJ” graduates from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.
  • October 2014 – President and CEO, Alan Jacubenta, “AJ” joins the Cleveland Entrepreneur’s Organization Accelerator program.
  • January 2015 – Ultra High Speed Fiber Optic Internet service now offered to customers.
  • April 21, 2015 – Google’s “Mobilegeddon” solidifies our website design philosophy of “mobile first”.
  • June 2016 – Mango Bay Internet becomes a certified HubSpot partner.
  • January 2017 – 20 year anniversary of providing excellent service and support.

Notable Acquisitions

  • January, 2001- Acquired DSL customers of Raetek, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • December, 2005 – Acquired equipment and broadband wireless customers associated with Erielink, LLC. of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • December, 2005 – Acquired hosting customers from Crescent Interactive of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • January 8, 2009 – Acquired dial-up customer base from Area Web Solutions of Muskegon, MI which operated hotdial.net and risp.biz.
  • June, 2009 – Acquired customer base from NetPhd.net a Pennsylvania based ISP that operated webnmore.net, netphd.net, crystal-mtn.com, nowpoint.net, surfburst.net, and vizsion.com.
  • December, 2009 – Acquired customer base of USLogon.com of Eufala, Oklahoma.
  • January, 1 2012 – Acquired customer base of Michiana Free-Net of South Bend, Indiana.