How an SEO Analysis Could Benefit Your Company

For many companies, the term “search engine optimization” (SEO) is a nagging reminder of the work they need to do to develop a more effective website. Hiring an SEO professional can simplify this process for you, as an expert can deliver an SEO analysis and create a strategy around SEO that will bring your site up to speed.

An SEO analysis is an assessment of your website’s SEO strategy. While there are several analytics platforms that can monitor web traffic and decipher how your website’s visitors are engaging and interacting with your site, a comprehensive SEO analysis will dig a bit more deeply into your site’s metrics, taking a close look at your site’s backlink portfolio and code. This allows your SEO strategists to determine what is working on your site and what requires attention.

An SEO analysis can provide a variety of opportunities to boost your website’s performance. During an SEO analysis, you can:

  • Analyze keyword-driven content to see how it has impacted your traffic.
  • Zoom in on written content to determine its effect on your keyword rankings.
  • Take a closer look at load speed and decide whether adjustments must be made.
  • Do the important work of examining conversion rate optimization.
  • Examine your backlinks and how they’ve helped your website’s page authorities.

While you may be using analytics tools to look at the numbers for yourself, an SEO professional can take those numbers and interpret them in order to help you to devise an SEO strategy. This can be the most challenging part. Allow an expert to take you from analysis to strategy in order to begin building a more robust, effective site for your business.


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Alan Jacubenta

Alan Jacubenta

President & CEO at Mango Bay Internet
Alan 'AJ' Jacubenta is the President and CEO of of Mango Bay Internet. A graduate of Cleveland State University, Alan assisted former United States Senator John Glenn establish a presence on the World Wide Web in 1993.He went on to work a local manufacturing company where he was a software technician, network engineer and technical support department manager.In 1997, he seized the opportunity to start his own company, connecting businesses and individuals to the Internet.Today, Mango Bay Internet is a premier Internet Marketing firm and Managed IT Service Provider offering services internationally.Alan has been a guest speaker at ISPCON (an Internet Industry Conference) in Baltimore and in Chicago.He is a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program.
Alan Jacubenta

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  • Jim / May 16, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Great article Alan. Most folks just don’t realize how important a good SEO Analysis is and what it truly should cover. SEO is so much like a huge jigsaw puzzle and if all the pieces aren’t in their proper place it has an adverse effect on the site. But, when everything is clicking and in place it’s a beautiful thing to see those sites at the top of the SERPs. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more.


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