Branded versus Non-Branded Search Terms?

What Does Your Company Need to Know About Branded versus Non-Branded Search Terms?

Building an SEO strategy can be a challenge for business owners. You’re an expert in the products and services that your company provides, but very few business owners are familiar with the ins and outs of SEO, and that includes the crafting of search terms to boost your search engine presence. But understanding the way that search terms work is key to your success in building a high online profile.

What is the difference between a branded search term and what is a non-branded search term?

A branded search term uses the name of your business within the search term. This may consist of the name of your business alone, or in conjunction with the names of specific brands of items your business sells. For instance, your branded search term might be “Jennifer Miller Photography” or, if you sell Mpix branded photo albums to your customers, another term could be “Jennifer Miller Photography Mpix Photo Books”.

In contrast, non-branded search terms do not include the name of your business. They contain words that potential customers may use in order to search for a business that offers products and services that yours offers. For instance, you might use non-branded search terms such as “family photography”, “high resolution photo books”, or “professional photographer Cleveland”.

Should you be using branded or non-branded search terms?

Branded search terms are an important part of any business’ SEO strategy. When your customers search for your business, you want your website and social media profiles to rank at the top of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

But non-branded search terms target users who are not yet customers. If a user needs a professional photographer in their local area, they’ll search for the products, services, and location they are looking for. By zeroing in on the terms they are likely to use when they search, you’ll attract potential new customers to your site. For this reason, non-branded search terms are an essential part of your SEO plan.

How can you effectively use non-branded search terms?

First, research what your potential customers may be looking for. What are the products and services that attract people to your business most frequently? Build your non-branded search terms based on those products and services. You’ll also want to keep in mind the questions you’re frequently asked by customers, and use that terminology as well. Finally, think about your competitors and what their customers might be looking for. Make sure that your business appears in searches that might otherwise turn up hits for your competitors.

Hiring a professional web design firm will not only help you to build an engaging and effective website, but the experts you work with will be able to talk with you about your SEO strategy, and can assist in choosing branded and non-branded search terms. This will become an essential part of your company’s business development.

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