Search Engine Optimization

Why have a compelling website if it cannot be found?
The main goal of a website is to provide information about your products and services. Unless a visitor knows your company name or exact website URL, they are most likely not going to find your website! Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO, is the strategic process of getting a website listed on the 1st page of the search engines for targeted key-phrases.

1st page rankings are key!
For example, one of our clients manufacturer equine wire products. They came to Mango Bay Internet to implement a strategic SEO campaign to drive consumers to their new e-commerce site that we developed for them. Now we have acheived 1st page rankings for equine related search terms and our client is receiving the benefit of having targeted consumers finding their website!

SEO provides the most qualified leads and is considered the best form of marketing when measuring ROI. Unlike indirect marketing such as: television, radio and print; which attempts to narrow a large demographic to a “potential” viewer; SEO results in targeted leads. Consumers, who are searching for your specific product or service, are clicking on your website. Bottom line, you are not looking for customers… they are searching for you!

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Benefits of SEO

  • Increase in qualified consumer traffic – More traffic to your website resulting into more leads/sales.
  • 24/7 exposure – Unlike other forms of advertising, your search engine listing is exposed 24/7.
  • Long lasting results – With proper maintenance, your search engine rankings can last for years.
  • Cost-effective – It’s proven; search engine optimization is the most cost effective form of marketing.
  • Increased sales and promotes branding – Searcher identifies your company with the search term.
  • Measurable Results – Unlike other forms of advertising, all activity can be tracked and measured.