How Your Website’s Design Boosts Conversion Rates

If your website is under-performing in terms of conversion, take a close look at your website’s design. Factors including the usability and ease of navigation, the extent to which your call-to-action stands out on the page, and the responsive design of your site, can all affect your conversion rates.

1. First, take a look at your website’s overall usability.

Is the site easy to navigate? When a customer arrives at your site, is it clear which actions to take next in order get more information or dig into an area of interest? Making sure that pages are easy to read, headings are clearly labeled, and the site loads quickly is imperative. If a user needs to labor over your website navigation to get where he wants to go, his chance of seeing your call-to-action (CTA) is reduced.

2. Look at your CTA.

Is it distinguished from the rest of your content? Putting your CTA inside a container is an essential strategy that sets its content apart. But make sure to pay attention to font hierarchy, use of white space, and the content of the CTA. You want to design your CTA in a way that it is clear that your user must act on it in order to move forward. The language you use should be clear, informative, and inspiring.

3. Have you addressed responsive design with your web design team?

Responsive design is the ability of your website to adapt depending on screen size. A responsive site will be just as easy to navigate on a small screen, as when it’s on your computer. Surely, you’ve visited sites on your phone that present you with a pop-up window that either cannot be seen in its entirety, or which contains a CTA that is obscured. Did you do the labor necessary to act upon that CTA? Probably not. This is why responsive design is a must.

Speak with your web design firm and take conversion rates into consideration when you’re redesigning your site, or giving it a bit of a facelift. Your site is there to boost your customer base, so ensuring that it is designed with that intention is essential.

Website’s Design Boosts Conversion Rates

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