5 Basic Sections That Every Website Needs

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When building or redesigning your website, it’s easy to get bogged down thinking about all of the bells and whistles that a website can offer. While exciting design elements and dynamic content are important, making sure that you start with these five basics will ensure that your website is effective and engaging while you continue to build out your online presence.

Set the Stage with Your Home Page

Visitors who click on your URL will be directed straight to your home page. You want to make sure to give a good impression. Address your visitor’s important questions here. Including what services or products your business provides and what makes your business unique among competing businesses.

Make Your “About Us” Section Count

Potential customers click on the About Us section to learn more about the people and history that make your business trustworthy and reputable. Include details about your founders, leadership, and the story of your company’s beginnings.

Products and Services are Your Bread and Butter

Be sure to get into the details of each and every product and service you offer. This will benefit your website from an SEO standpoint, and it will also educate your readers about the specific offerings they can expect from you.

Don’t Hide Your Contact Info

Your “Contact Us” page should be in plain sight. Any visitors who would like to call or email your business should be do so without expending much effort. Keep this page short and sweet, and thank your visitors for showing an interest in you!

Inbound Marketing: Calls to Action and Content Offers

Consult with a web design and marketing firm with experience implementing inbound marketing campaigns to help capture your visitor’s information. Offer them more content that will engage them with your business, and will endeavor to turn visitors into customers.

Call one of our web design professionals today to make sure your existing website contains the five elements it needs to be effective, and make plans to redesign your site so that these basic components are as strong as possible.

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