Generating Meaningful Conversations with Customers via Social Media

A decade ago, in order to reach customers, you had to wait for the phone to ring. Today, you can proactively speak with customers, and potential customers, online, using your social media platforms. Smart use of social media can generate business in ways you never imagined.

Search for Your Customers

Each day, hundreds of millions of people take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to ask questions, make recommendations, complain, rave, and comment. A social media user may not post directly to your Facebook page or tweet at you, but there may be references to your product in various Tweets and posts on a regular basis. Search for your brands regularly in an effort to answer questions, thank people for their comments, or address concerns. Savvy users will also search on terms related to their brands in an effort to speak directly to customers who might now know of their company, but may benefit from their products or services.

Images are Everything

It may sound obvious to seasoned social media users, but many new or infrequent users of social media don’t realize just how impactful pictures can be in social media posts. If you’re tweeting about a promotion or posting on Facebook about new products or services, include a vibrant image in order to attract more viewers.

Make an Offer

Give customers a reason to follow you on social media by posting or Tweeting about special offers, deals, and promotions. You might even want to post about these special deals on a regular basis, say, every Wednesday, so that your customers know to flock to your social media profile that day. Best of all, you may find that your customers begin to recommend that their friends follow you.

Remember Demographics

You can’t reach your target customers if you’re not posting on the platforms they visit most frequently. Are you products geared toward a younger audience? Make sure your presence on Instagram and Snapchat is robust. Are your services offered to other businesses? Twitter is a great place for you to begin. Do you have family friendly offerings? Facebook is a great place to reach parents of young children.

Your customers are interested in your product, but they’re also interested in a range of topics, and you can tap into those interests. Are you a company that offers tutoring services after school? Then post about family friendly activities in your area, link to articles of interest to parents and kids, and produce family-oriented blog content. You’ll become a resource for your target audience.

When speaking with web design firms in order to redesign your website and bulk up your social media efforts, be sure to ask questions and make sure the firm you choose has expertise with a variety of social media platforms and strategies. With the help of an expert, you’ll expand your presence in no time!

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