Landing pages that convert visitors into leads

Landing page brochure

If you’re contemplating an inbound marketing campaign for your business, you’re thinking about conversion. Social media followers, website visitors, and newsletter recipients all have something in common: they represent opportunities for you to convert interested and engaged parties into leads for your business. Regardless of which channel brings a visitor to your site, you must greet that visitor with an effective landing page. Something that is designed to convert him or her into a lead.

Your call–to-action must be front and center.

A call-to-action is content on your landing page which directs your users to take a concrete action. Such as downloading a free guide or brochure, signing up for a free consultation or trial. Or simply filling out a form with their contact information in order to receive a newsletter or other materials. Make sure this call-to-action is brief, straight to the point, and action-oriented. Design your page so that the call-to-action is easy to read and draws in the eye. If your visitors engage with one element on your page, you want it to be this call-to-action.

Make an offer that’s hard to resist.

What can you offer your potential customers that will provide them with real value? If your users are coming to your site to research your industry, offer them a white paper detailing information they will need to make a decision about a future purchase. If they are interested in your services, but aren’t sure they are ready to commit, offer a free trial. If they are nearly ready to make a purchase, offer a consultation that will answer any lingering questions. An offer that your customer is ready to take, will convert users to leads, and maybe even into customers.

Keep the page simple.

You want to draw attention to one thing and one thing only, and that is your actionable content. Too many pop-ups, side bars, excess information, or jarring graphics will block the path you want your users to take. Talk with your designer about keeping this page clean of distractions. This will make it easy for your potential customers to find exactly what you want them to find.

Your inbound marketing plan’s success depends on the landing page’s ability to communicate your offer’s value and engage your users in order to get them to take action. Keep these three tenets in mind when you speak with your designer about making this page a central part of your strategy.

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