Inbound Marketing 101: Crafting Quality Content

For many companies, creating content for their websites and blogs can appear to be the most difficult and time-consuming part of developing an inbound marketing campaign. But creating quality content is really fairly simple: keep your audience in mind.

Target your audience.

Who is your key audience? What topics are they interested in? How much time do they have to read your content? Are they missing key information they need to make decisions? Tailor your content for your audience, and you’ll begin to see an uptick in visitors to your site. Not only that, you’ll know that these are visitors who are precisely the prospective customers you’re honing in on.

Engage, engage, engage.

Make your content pop by throwing in a bit of humor in every paragraph. Not exactly a comedian? Tell anecdotes that will draw the reader in. Make every sentence relatable, because there’s another human being reading your work.

Zoom in on the personalities and lived experiences of your audience.

What are the trends that your audience is attracted to? What do they read besides your site? What did they do last Saturday afternoon? Knowing a few key facts about your audience will help you to speak about their experiences.

Get to the point.

Do not spend three paragraphs introducing your key point. State it up front. Many web visitors read the first few sentences of a blog post, and then skim the rest. Make your intro short and noteworthy, and take care to ensure that the body of your content is easy to read.

Establish trust.

Blog often. Post on social media several times each week. Become a presence your readers rely on and begin to trust for entertaining content and useful information, and they’ll begin to head to your site without prompting.

Speak with your web design firm about your upcoming inbound marketing campaign, and find out what their content creation strategy is. Collaborate with them by talking about who your audience is, and you’ll be well on your way to coming up with engaging, dynamic content together.

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