What is Inbound Marketing

How can adopting an inbound strategy help me get more sales and leads?
With inbound marketing, the customer reaches out on their own terms- on their own time. This grants companies the ability to be interactive without disrupting or bothering people. Through inbound marketing tools, we can dissect real leads from those who are simply wasting time. Instead of reaching a mass audience of people who are not interested, with inbound marketing companies can reach a very narrow, segmented list of people who have greater potential to be real life customers.

What strategies are involved with Inbound Marketing?
Typically, inbound marketers follow the sequence below when developing and implementing their campaigns. The process begins with attracting prospects to your website by creating valuable content and utilizing social media, blogs, search engine optimization, etc. to publish and promote that content. By doing this, potential customers can find companies based on their own searching instead of marketers using paid efforts to vie for attention.

After you have attracted visitors, you will want to gather contact information to convert these website guests into leads. Creating a call-to-action such as downloading an eBook is a highly effective technique as it provides visitors with relevant, FREE information while having them fill out ‘forms’ with their contact information. It is advised to keep this information in a centralized marketing database with notes on every interaction held to help personalize their experience with your company.

Now, your sales force will want to turn this lead into a customer. There are many tools to help facilitate this process. As mentioned above, using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will be beneficial as your sales team can review past points of contact with your leads.

Note: In some instances, a visitor on your site may utilize your call-to-action and give their information, but still not be ready to be a customer. Marketers should NOT dismiss these visitors- instead it is imperative to still nurture the lead and foster a relationship. Send more useful, relevant content to these contacts in a timely manner. Build trust with these people as it will help you nurture them into becoming a customer.

As you know, it is still important to maintain a relationship with a new customer after closing a sale. You want customers to be delighted with your work and in turn, promote you. A good way to measure customer feedback, is the obvious- having them fill out a survey. Also, you should provide your customers with more effective calls-to-action or ‘smart’ text tailored towards their specific goals and interests. This can help create upselling opportunities in the future.

As there are so many channels and platforms to utilize, managing a campaign can be time-consuming and require a ton of resources. To learn more about how Mango Bay Internet can assist in creating and managing an inbound marketing campaign for your company, speak to a consultant by calling 1-888-35MANGO.